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Politics is about decisions which affect the way we live, how our money gets spent and why we should care about who makes those decisions

You may wonder why people wish to stand for election. Dr Kay Barnard’s top priority is to make the South West an area which sustains our future and that of our children, a healthy place where prosperity is shared. All that has been thrown into doubt by the decision to leave the EU. We face an era of uncertainty and doubt, where jobs are less likely to be secure and money will be tight. 

Kay is an experienced employer and entrepreneur. She knows that without prosperity we cannot afford to provide the essential services on which we all depend, like the NHS or our children's education.  The West in particular will need to seize the "green" jobs opportunities, planning for a fast-changing world where resources are under pressure.


Please feel free to contact Kay if you have any questions, 0117 9237815. 


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At Glastonbury Tor

glasto"I am so lucky to have a close family where we respect each other and work together. Going back to Glastonbury Tor with a new generation was very emotional – all those wonderful memories of playing together. The Somerset Levels and hills still are our playground."

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