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Democracy and Bristol’s right to a referendum

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Bristol people will finally get the chance to vote again on whether they want an elected mayor or not. 

Last week the government announced that Liberal Democrat Barbara Janke has succeeded in getting an amendment to the Cities and Local Government Bill to allow just that.  This is not before time. 

In 2012 just over 12% or about 1 in 8 of Bristolians voted to have an elected mayor – not a resounding vote of confidence by any standard.  Unlike other cities, Bristol had suffered from a legal oddity as the only city out of ten to vote for a mayor.  That meant that the city’s rights went down an “Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole” and were forgotten about except by the local Lib Dems.

Due to Barbara’s persistence and fellow campaigners, Bristol now has the right to change its mind.  Just when we will get the chance to do this is up to the government.  They could decide on a further referendum next year if they chose. 

Let’s keep the pressure up.  As mayor I promise I will support a further referendum to let the people of Bristol decide if they think the post is worth having.

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